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Act on Organization of the Electricity Market, amended by law of 12-may-19

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 1999
The Act regulates organisation of the electricity market and contributes to meeting international commitments related to climate change. This is to be done in particular through promotion of renewable electricity generation, among others by providing federal feed-in tariffs, and organising a federal green certificate scheme. It defines the extensive competences of CREG (the Commission for Regulation of Electricity and Gas) in fixing transport and distribution tariffs, as well as regulating the prices of energy to prevent adverse price increases.

The Act further guarantees connection of renewable electricity sources to the grid. It also supports the promotion of renewable energies in planning for electricity sources choice, lays down provisions for feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity production not addressed by specific regional regulation, mandates the federal Minister for Energy to stimulate tenders for renewable electricity generation installations and especially wind power, provides for adoption of specific regulation organizing the green certification scheme.

The federal green certificate scheme is further detailed in the Royal order on the creation of a mechanism to support electricity production from renewable energy sources of 2012 (modifying previous regulation from 2002). The Order requires electricity transmission system operators to purchase green or CHP energy certificates at a guaranteed minimum price. Renewable energy facilities (offshore wind farms, PV facilities commissioned before 01/08/2012, hydro or tidal energy facilities and geothermal energy generation facilities) are entitled to receive this support for 10 years after the facility is commissioned.

The Act was amended in 2019 by the law on the organisation of the electricity market with a view to introducing a competitive tendering procedure for the construction and operation of production facilities in the marine areas under the jurisdiction of Belgium and ratifying the Royal Decree of 11 February 2019, amending the Royal Decree of 16 July 2002 on the establishment of mechanisms to promote electricity produced from renewable energy sources.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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