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Act No. 190-Z of 1998 on energy savings

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 1998
The Law aims to increase fuel and energy efficiency as a policy tool to reduce energy dependence. The provisions of the present law concern legal and physical persons that carry out an energy production, transformation, transport, storage and use of fuel and energy resources, and development and use of non-traditional and renewable sources of energy. 

The main objectives concerning energy efficiency are:
 1) Supervision over efficient use of fuel and energy resources;
 2) Introducing clear energy efficiency standards and state audits;
 3) Development and use of clean energy technologies
 4) Creation of a special national energy efficiency fund to finance energy efficiency measures.
 5) Provisions for energy efficiency state expertise
Based on the present law, the National Energy Efficiency Programmes 2011-2015 was elaborated, replacing previous Programmes (2001-2005, 2006-2010). The main goal is to reduce energy intensity by 29-30% over 2011-2015 in comparison to the 2010 baseline. The particular targets set are:
1) Reduction of heat loses in distribution networks by 8%;
2) Introduction and development of combined-heat-and-power and combined-cycle technology with an efficiency of at least 57% (planned fuel consumption reduction for electricity production of 10% by 2015 and by 15% by 2020);
3) Reduction of overall energy consumption by 15-20%;
4) At least 60% of residential buildings to be energy efficient by 2015, with heating and ventilation consumption of less than 60 kWh;
5) Commission of additional hydroelectric capacity of 103 MW;
6) Installation of new biogas capacity of 39 MW;
7) Increase of wind capacity up to 300 MW;
8) Increase of other types of alternative energy (solar energy, geothermal resources, municipal solid waste, crop residues, etc.) to up to 100,000 toe
9) GDP energy intensity reduction by 29-32%
10) Reduction of energy losses in industry by 15-20%
11) Local energy resources share in boiler and furnace fuel balance: 28%
12) Total saving of fuel and energy resources: 7.1m-8.9m toe
13) USD 8.66 billion fund for energy conservation and expansion of the use of local energy resources

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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