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Bahamas, The

The National Maritime Policy

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2015
The Policy's vision is the improvement of life quality for Bahamians by maximising the sustainable utilisation of abundant natural resource, and strengthen The Bahamas' global position economically.

The Policy follows four goals:
  1. Supporting ongoing economic activity;
  2. Ensuring future economic development and the expansion of the maritime sector domestically and internationally;
  3. Safeguarding the marine environment from environmental threats and focussing on the increased use and access to potential marine renewable energy sources;
  4. ensuring the safety at sea of vessels; the training of mariners and the preservation of maritime traditions and practices. 

To support the vision and goals the Policy names six inter-dependant enablers:
  • Ocean governance;
  • Regulation and enforcement;
  • Healthy and productive marine environment;
  • Climate change resilience;
  • Education, awareness and participation;
  • Capacity building, research and information.

The documents names climate change as one of the threats facing the marine and coastal environments. The Policy's approach to counteracting this threat and building climate change resilient is threefold:
  • Recognition and management of climate change risks through incorporation of adaptation and resilience-building strategies into sustainable development, conservation and governance actions;
  • Implementation of National Disaster Prevention and Response Plans;
  • Recognition of the role of coastal habitats in protecting coastal communities and infrastructure in coastal planning and decision making.

The Policy suggests several actions to realise climate change resilience:
from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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