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Perry v. Hepburn Shire Council (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, 2007)

Jurisdiction: Australia

Side A: Sustainability Victoria Referral Authority (Government)

Side A: J Perry, Hepburn Shire Council Responsible Authority, Sustainability Victoria Referral Authority (Individual)

Side B: Hepburn Renewal Energy Association Inc. (Corporation)

Core objectives: Challenge to council approval of a community owned wind farm

An Australian tribunal approved a proposal for a community owned wind farm. Among other grounds, local residents challenged that the wind energy generated from the project would not produce sufficient greenhouse gas benefits to justify the negative visual, environmental and amenity impacts of the turbines. The tribunal held that the proposal adequately considered the benefits to the broader community of renewable energy generation as well as the contribution of the project to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the probabilities weigh in favor of GHG abatement benefits being achieved.
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from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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