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National Plan for the Restoration of Native Forests (PNRBN)

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2018
The PNRBN constitutes a support and guidance instrument for decision-making in national and provincial jurisdictions and forest development processes, within the framework of the National Strategy for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change. The Plan proposes to develop a program for a first period of six years (2018-2023) in order to reach the goal of 18,000 hectares of native forest restored by 2023. The promotion of ecological restoration, recovery and restoration is defined as a general objective. rehabilitation of the native forest of Argentina with different degrees of degradation in the provision of ecosystem goods and services, which lead to the recovery and conservation of biological diversity and forest biomass, within a framework of mitigation and adaptation policies to environmental changes global current and development established. The following are established as specific objectives: a) restore the functional processes of native forests and their biodiversity; b) identify priority regions; c) promote the necessary alliances for the implementation of the national restoration strategy; d) recover the productive value of the native forest; e) promote the reduction of forest degradation factors, coordinating with Local Authorities; f) promote the reduction and compensation of GHG emissions from deforestation and degradation; g) generate environmental awareness about the importance of the native forest in the different social actors that act on them directly or indirectly; h) link restoration to socio-economic processes established for development, promoting the generation of benefits and ensuring the participation of all actors and sectors of society, cultural and multi-ethnic diversity throughout the implementation of restoration processes; i) and identify and add all existing or potential restoration initiatives in order to enhance the impacts, creating a National Native Forest Restoration Database.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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