Antigua and Barbuda

Environmental Protection and Management Act, 2015

Passed in 2015
The Environmental Protection and Management Act, enacted in 2015, sets up an institutional and administrative framework that codifies all decisions related to the national environment. It details the rights and duties of institutions responsible for dealing with offenses, protected areas, control and mitigation of pollution. It seeks to associate different kinds of non-governmental entities to its preventive and remedial decisions, and awareness-raising measures. The Act formulates a legal right for access to information related to the local environment in its various forms. The document charges the government to develop a National Environmental Policy Framework to implement specific objectives within the scope of the Act, and notably the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions. It further allows the government to declare an area protected if the function of carbon sink is identified following the UNFCCC principles, and to monitor the given area.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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