Decree of 13-5-2020 approving the Regulations for the generation of electricity

Passed in 2020
This document establishes the administrative, technical and economic conditions governing the production of electricity and its facilities. It also specifies the conditions for connection to the electricity grid of the electricity generation facilities, whether they are newly built or whether they constitute a modification of the existing ones, due to refurbishment or extension. The requirements apply to all electricity generation installations from renewable energy sources, as well as to cogeneration installations that are interconnected, in any form, to the electrical network or operate autonomously with powers less than or equal to 2,000 kW. Article 6.6 states that Installations with a power greater than 500 kW and less than or equal to 2,000 kW require an administrative authorization. The developer submits a report to the Office of Energy and Climate Change that characterizes electricity production, profiles and environmental impact. The environmental impact report is prepared in the cases provided for and in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations for carrying out work or activities that modify the current state of the current land. The Office of Energy and Climate Change notifies the distributor of the authorization if the necessary requirements are met. This entity determines and materializes the connection point in the terms and conditions provided for in this article.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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