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Law 25/2022 on circular economy (LEC)

legislation type Legislative
Passed in 2022
According to article 1, this law aims to promote the transition towards a circular economy, moving from a linear economy to a more efficient and sustainable economic model that optimises the use of natural resources, minimises environmental impacts, promotes efficiency in achieving that products and resources maintain utility and value as long as possible and avoid material emissions and losses. The circular model also promotes responsible and efficient consumption by minimising waste generation and optimising its management, increasing reuse and recycling and reducing less efficient waste management options. It also promotes the awareness of society in the principles of the circular economy.

Article 9 of the law states that the Public Administration must intensify the synergies between circularity, the fight against climate change, especially with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the fight against the loss of biodiversity and health protection human through the following actions:
a) Analyse how the effects of circularity can be measured in the fight against climate change, adaptation to this phenomenon and the fight against the loss of biodiversity.
b) Improve modeling tools to take advantage of the benefits of the circular economy from the point of view of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, linking them to the emission reduction targets established in Law 21/2018, of 13 September, to promote the energy transition and climate change (Litecc) and the mechanisms for the protection of human health.
c) Analyse the ecological footprint of the Andorran economic model to improve the circularity of the model.


from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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