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Executive Decree No. 2005-495 relative to the establishment of energy audits for large consumers

legislation type Executive
Passed in 2005
Establishes the parameters of new mandatory energy audits for:
 (1) industrial companies whose energy consumption exceeds or is equal to 2,000 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe);
 (2) transport companies whose energy consumption exceeds or is equal to 1,000 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe); and
 (3) service sector companies whose energy consumption exceeds or is equal to 500 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe).
 Enumerates the specific formula used to calculate tonnes of oil equivalent and excludes renewable energy from calculations of total energy consumption. Consumption data from the previous 5 years, or declared consumption data for new facilitates, is employed to calculate which companies have met the above thresholds requiring an energy audit.
 Requires energy audits to be performed on qualifying transport and industrial companies every 3 years and on qualifying service sector companies every 5 years. Provides for the establishment of a list of qualified auditors to perform these audit
 Requires energy audits to include:
 - the energy performance of facilities and its equipment;
 - an analysis of the facilities energy consumption;
 - the polluting emissions resulting from energy consumption;
 - the energy efficiency of operations based on consumer standards;
 - the identification of opportunities for energy savings or alternative energy use; and
 - the development of a corrective action plan outlining operations to achieve economic savings.
 Specifies the contents of a mandatory report following from the energy audits, including: an overall energy balance; an analysis of each consumer sector and its significant transactions; an assessment of energy consumption and emissions; and the disclosure of opportunities and enumeration of recommendations for energy savings and alternative energy use to reduce polluting emissions.
 The National Agency for the Promotion and Rational Use of Energy (APRUE) is charged with overseeing this audit programme.

from the Grantham Research Institute
from the Grantham Research Institute
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