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Global Climate Risk Index

The annually published Global Climate Risk Index analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.).

Published by German Watch https://www.germanwatch.org/en/cri
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Latest Documents

, 2020

Afghanistan. Biennial update report (BUR). BUR 1. National inventory report., National Inventory Report from Afghanistan in 2020

, 2019

Afghanistan. Biennial update report (BUR). BUR 1., Biennial Update Report from Afghanistan in 2019

, 2019

Afghanistan. National Communication (NC). NC 2., National Communication from Afghanistan in 2019

, 2017

The Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) is a five-year strategic plan for achieving self-reliance. The Framework presents a long-term development  for Afghanistan by providing consistent high-level guidance to government and stakeholders. It articulates immediate and long term development priorities, highlights key reforms and outlines priorit...

, 2016

Afghanistan First NDC, Nationally Determined Contribution from Afghanistan in 2016

  • 13.6% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030 compared to a business as usual (BAU) scenario, conditional on external supportEconomy-wide: Economy Wide | Target year: 2030
  • Rehabilitate 94 MW of hydropower capacity by 2008 against a 2006 baselineEnergy: Renewable Energy: Hydro | Target year: 2008Source: Energy Sector Strategy 1387-1391 (2007/8-2012/3)
  • Deploy 10 MW of Wind Power in by 2011, then 50 MW in 5-10 years by 2016Energy: Renewable Energy | Target year: 2016Source: Energy Sector Strategy 1387-1391 (2007/8-2012/3)
  • target for deploying 4500 - 5000 MW of RE capacity by 2032, which is equivalent of 95% of the total energy mix of 5000 -6000 MWEnergy: Renewable Energy | Target year: 2032Source: National Renewable Energy Policy